Top 10 Web Server Monitoring Tools to Improve Performance

Success for businesses today often depends on having a strong online presence. This includes websites and various social media channels. Making sure these platforms are user-friendly and engaging requires a lot of time and effort.

Behind the scenes, there’s machinery—like servers—that powers a company’s applications and websites. Keeping this infrastructure strong is crucial for a business to thrive. One way to do this is by using server monitoring tools.

These tools help users see what’s happening with the networks that support their digital platforms. They give insights that can really impact how well things run. Here, we’ll talk about some of the best server monitoring tools that you should know about, helping you keep a close eye on your infrastructure


Datadog Web Server Monitoring Tools

Similar to a vigilant canine guarding against security threats, Datadog serves as a monitoring and security platform, safeguarding cloud applications for enterprises. This platform furnishes comprehensive visibility into applications, infrastructure, and third-party services. Users can generate and access logs, metrics, and data visualizations to inform their strategic choices.

Additional details about Datadog:

  • Enables visualization of both basic and intricate data aspects.
  • Automates log generation across services, applications, and platforms.
  • Incorporates AI-driven tests to enhance efficiency and resource management.
  • Creates customizable dashboards reflecting vital business data.

With Datadog, users gain insight into any technology stack or application, regardless of their location. This facilitates vulnerability pinpointing and assessment of infrastructure health, bolstering security measures. The platform boasts an extensive client roster that includes industry giants such as Samsung, Whole Foods, and Peloton.


Chronosphere Web Server Monitoring Tools

Chronosphere presents a cost-effective server monitoring platform tailored to specific customer requirements. Through its cloud-native observability platform, Chronosphere ensures that the data developers receive during troubleshooting is pertinent and concise. The platform’s approach involves fewer tools, cost savings, and the exclusion of extraneous data.

Further insights into Chronosphere:

  • Stores valuable data based on relevance, context, and utility, enhancing cost-effectiveness.
  • Accelerates issue resolution and maintains organized, concise data growth.
  • Facilitates scalability for smaller companies by adapting to their data needs and budgets.

Every organization aspires to preempt problems before end users are affected. Chronosphere empowers them to do precisely that and more. The platform furnishes instant alerts equipped with pertinent information to tackle issues promptly. Additionally, its data intelligence tools aid in accurate decision-making and effective problem-solving, freeing up time for value-added tasks.

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS offers a comprehensive, out-of-the-box monitoring solution for swift issue resolution and infrastructure upkeep — akin to opening Pandora’s box minus the repercussions. Users can deploy Pandora FMS across diverse environments, effectively managing their complete IT stack.

Further details about Pandora FMS:

  • Reduces response time to problems via real-time monitoring and alerts.
  • Offers over 500 plugins to manage various applications.
  • Provides professional services to streamline implementation.

Pandora FMS, a flexible SaaS platform, seamlessly integrates into any industry or business, alleviating integration concerns. Its solution empowers users to swiftly identify network issues through auto-discovery, receive IP inventory alerts, detect configuration changes, and gain insights into usage and bottlenecks.

New Relic

New Relic Web Server Monitoring Tools

New Relic is a platform that empowers engineers to monitor, debug, and enhance their stack through data visualization. Industry titans like Nike, Toyota, and Verizon leverage New Relic’s platform to foster connected and collaborative development environments for their teams.

More insights into New Relic:

  • Offers integration compatibility with over 600 applications.
  • Facilitates browser, mobile, and infrastructure monitoring.
  • Introduces New Relic Grok, an AI-powered feature delivering real-time data insights and coding solutions.

New Relic offers comprehensive full-stack monitoring, ensuring all-encompassing observability across environments. The platform enables teams to track and analyze telemetry in one central location, streamlining decision-making and business operations.


Atera Web Server Monitoring Tools

Atera, a trusted service provider for prestigious brands such as Marriott and Fujitec, equips users with tools for efficient IT management for end users. The Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) platform provides complete control and visibility over customer networks from any device. Through Atera, users discover everything required to streamline workflows and conduct monitoring processes for various devices.

Further insights into Atera:

  • Enables instant network scans for client network visibility.
  • Boasts a user-friendly interface for simplicity.
  • Automates patches and eliminates vulnerabilities, saving time.

Atera’s RMM platform enhances productivity and shifts security from a reactive to a proactive stance. Automation powers real-time monitoring and alerts, freeing users from repetitive tasks and enabling focus on core objectives.



True to its name, ManageEngine offers diverse solutions that combine into a comprehensive powerhouse for infrastructure and application management. The platform empowers users to monitor, manage, and secure IT infrastructure, networks, and applications through a suite of tools.

Additional insights into ManageEngine:

  • Designed for DevOps and IT teams, providing visibility into application behavior within the cloud.
  • Assists webmasters and network engineers in creating superior end-user experiences.
  • Facilitates global website monitoring, offering insights into response time and uptime.

One of ManageEngine’s monitoring solutions, Site24x7, provides teams with a holistic view of website, server, application, and network performance. This enables end-user experience tracking, cloud cost assessment, and streamlined troubleshooting across cloud resources.



Addressing the needs of BizTalk users, BizTalk360 is an all-in-one platform facilitating easy administration, monitoring, and analytics. Microsoft, the creator of BizTalk Server, relies on BizTalk360 to streamline workflows within its BizTalk environment. Over 650 enterprises, including Microsoft and BBC, employ BizTalk360 to monitor and track various aspects of their BizTalk server in a unified location.

More about BizTalk360:

  • Enables tracking of messaging performance and query creation.
  • Provides a web-based portal for secure and convenient access.
  • Creates informative, customizable dashboards for simplified business health assessment.

BizTalk360 extends secure and audited access to a wide array of users, from technical IT staff to business decision-makers. Its feature-rich toolkit boosts monitoring and troubleshooting efficiency, encompassing real-time dashboards and server health updates.



FusionReactor APM expedites the identification of issues such as malfunctioning applications or subpar performance, enabling swift corrective action, five times faster. Users leverage FusionReactor to manage multiple facets of their environment, spanning databases to applications.

Further insights into FusionReactor:

  • Instantly identifies performance and stability issues.
  • Offers real-time application monitoring for rapid solution deployment.
  • Reduces downtime and enhances productivity with coding tools like Live Production Debugging and OpsPilot AI.

FusionReactor is a valuable asset in any developer’s toolkit, facilitating deep dives into code for optimal debugging and continuous monitoring. This platform streamlines troubleshooting tasks and accelerates manual activities, allowing teams to focus on creative problem-solving.



Though it doesn’t harness the forces of nature, SolarWinds exhibits the same innovation as a powerful generator. Industries spanning various sectors rely on its award-winning, comprehensive platform to address complex challenges. SolarWinds delivers full-stack hybrid multicloud observability, IT service management, and database performance management within a

unified framework.

More insights into SolarWinds:

  • Offers comprehensive visibility by merging application and infrastructure data.
  • Utilizes AI and ML (Machine Learning) to simplify management tasks.
  • Accelerates issue resolution through data-driven intelligence across the environment.

SolarWinds empowers users to consolidate tools and efficiently manage operational infrastructure through secure software solutions. The platform’s AIOps solution, recognized by Forrester, excels in data-driven automation, predictive analytics, and root cause detection.



Handling copious amounts of data often resembles navigating an endless cave. Splunk, named after cave explorers or “spelunkers,” excels at guiding users through the depths of data accumulation. Its unified security and observability platform aims to ensure the security and functionality of digital systems.

Further details about Splunk:

  • Provides real-time monitoring for exceptional customer experiences.
  • Mitigates major IT incidents through predictive analytics and proactive monitoring.
  • Offers hybrid and multicloud services for agile and flexible performance.

Over the past two decades, Splunk has cultivated a trusted reputation, with a loyal customer base relying on its platform to uphold mission-critical systems. The platform’s infrastructure monitoring tools provide users with instant visibility and accurate alerts, enhancing overall performance across on-prem, hybrid, and multicloud infrastructures.

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